From 2003 to 2012, the Premier League was the dominant force in European football as time and time again, their teams reached the latter stages of the UEFA Champions League, winning it, reaching the finals or just making a statement. In the last six years since that time , Spanish and German football have shared the spotlight in Europe’s elite competition, as well as the Italian Serie A but the rest of Europe are running scared of the threat of the English teams.

It is a good time for Premier League betting tips as Juventus were taught a football lesson by Tottenham who completely outplayed The Old Lady, coming back from 2 goals down to level the game to 2-2. Manchester City highlighted their Champions League credentials by dispatching Basel 4-0 away in Switzerland while Liverpool thumped Porto 5-0 in Portugal courtesy of perhaps the best trio in European football at the moment.

While United and Chelsea have Spanish opposition in the shape of Sevilla and Barcelona to encounter respectively, those clubs must be wary of the new found impetus the teams from the Premier League have garnered. In European football, there is always a cycle where a country’s teams become the super powers. In the early 1990s and mid 90s, Italian football was at its best, having the same players in world football ply their trade in the Serie A. It is time for the Premier League to get back that recognition as there are a number of teams that on their day, can hurt any team in the whole of Europe.

All of England’s five representatives at this year’s edition progressed to the Round of 16, highlighting the strengths of the teams. It is surprising that Arsenal, one of England’s biggest teams finds itself in the Europa League having failed to finish in the Top 4. The Gunners are in Europe’s second tier competition but ordinarily won’t be out of place in the Champions League. The Premier League keeps attracting the best players at the moment as the superior wages on offer cannot be matched in the whole of Europe. The case of Alexis Sanchez in particular is exemplary, as Manchester United pay him around £450k per week. Apart from PSG, Real Madrid and Barcelona, no other teams in the whole of the continent can offer such mammoth wages.

Players keep coming to the league to earn the recognition and wages the country can offer. The likes of Jurgen Klopp, Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, Mauricio Pochettino and Antonio Conte call England home, making it the best assembly of top class managers in a particular country. These managers are all exceptional in their own right, and the fact that only one of these managers will win the Premier League at the end of the campaign makes them under pressure to do well in other cup competitions. Playing in the Champions League will offer them the prospect of glory and clinging on to their jobs, which makes them take it very seriously.

The quintet of Manchester United, City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham all boast of quality players that can take on any team in the whole of Europe. All five teams can almost stand toe to toe with any other team at the moment, and the results they have posted this season in the UCL prove that perhaps the Big Eared trophy may return to England for the first time since Chelsea won it in 2012. Six years is too long.


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