Reports in Spain have confirmed Barcelona ace won’t be facing any jail term after the 29-year-old Blaugrana talisman agreed to pay an increased fine as settlement for tax evasion, Spanish newspaper El Mundo says.

Lionel Messi had been found guilty in July 2016, along with his father, of defrauding the Spanish authorities out of millions of Euros after hiding earnings from image rights in offshore accounts.

Messi will now pay €252,000, while his father, Jorge Messi, will pay €180,000 as fine.

He was given 21 months in prison, however this was suspended, as Spanish law allows first time offenders like Messi to serve their time on probation, as long as the sentence is under two years in length.

However, the remainder of the four-time Ballon d’Or winner’s sentence will be scrapped as the Argentine has agreed to pay an increased fine, rather than have the remaining months against his name.


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