Arsenal boss Arsène Wenger has used his expansive knowledge of Economics to explain the disparity between playing in the England top flight and the Chinese Super League as well as earning bigger salary.

Wenger, who has managed north London club Arsenal for over 20 years, believes money-driven footballers can have it both ways in England – playing with some of the best in the world and also making megabucks but all China can offer is the fat pay cheques.

The Frenchman was speaking at his pre-match press conference ahead of Monday’s Premier League clash with Middlesbrough at the Riverside Stadium where he reiterated the club will always come first regardless of the player’s status.

“Always, but we must accept that modern life has changed a little bit. We always had wages structures that were respected and players earn so much money now that the cases have become much more individual than global,” Wenger said when asked whether huge wage offers are destabilising and if contract rebel Alexis Sanchez is worth £250,000 per week.

“You have many different opinions there. Some people tell me ‘just give him what he wants’. But then you cannot respect anymore any wages structure and you put the club in trouble as well.

“That is why you have to make the decision in an objective way. Always the club has to be the priority. I understand as well that top players are a big priority but at the end of the day even for important players you can only pay as much as you can afford.

“I think every club and every player has to make decisions. Where are your priorities, where do you want to play? I think the first priority for top players is play to best football with the best players in the best league.

“You go to China because you earn big money, but you make big money in England as well. So the best combination of playing at the top and earning big money is in England at the moment. So China for me is not a debate.”

Wenger will be hoping Sanchez who has notched 22 goals in all competitions for the Gunners this season won’t be lured into leaving the Emirates Stadium in the summer as Arsenal continue to stutter on offering the Chilean striker a new hefty contract.


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