Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho revealed earlier in the season how tough life has been for him shuttling between Manchester and London to take care of work and also look after his family since succeeding Louis van Gaal at Old Trafford last summer.

However, the 54-year-old Portuguese who has two children together with his long-term wife Matilde, has revealed how he manages to keep work and family relationships at tandem even during work days.

Mourinho’s family live in London while the former Chelsea boss still habours at the luxurious Lowry Hotel in Manchester.

“In the morning, normally Ricardo Formosino (who scouts the opposition), comes and meets up with me around 8.30am,” Mourinho said in a detailed interview with his friend Nuno Luz of Portuguese television channel SIC that was broadcast in his homeland last week.

“The training session is at 11am, if we train once on the day we leave around 4pm, if we train twice, around 6 or 7pm, it’s how we are, and the job is not just training, it’s much more than the sessions. We go back to Manchester at the end of the day.

“London is very close to Manchester by train, with direct trains, every hour. One hour, 45 minutes and I’m home.

“It could also happen if there is no training in the afternoon, I can go home by train, have dinner, sleep and return the next morning. Or after a match go to London. It’s not the same situation as being in different countries or miles and miles away.

“I am polite if I meet people (on the train). I also ask people for a bit of co-operation. If I tell people ‘at the end’, they respect that.

“I do my journey relaxed; resting, reading or watching a game on an iPad or working, responding to emails. When I get to London, I leave the train, wait for the people. Five minutes, half-a-dozen pictures and autographs, and bye see you soon.”

Mourinho’s United team face Middlesbrough today at the Riverside Stadium in the Premier League at lunchtime.


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