The stunning doctor at the centre of the Samir Nasri s*x riddle is one of TEN brainy Californian sisters dubbed the new Kardashians.

Busty 30-year-old Jamila Sozahdah – who is believed to be married – set up Drip Doctors with four of her siblings last year.

The glamorous sisters posed in their underwear, as well as semi-naked and covered in body paint, when they launched nutritional business.

Dr Anthony Ho – who refers to Jamila as his “wife” on social media and is registered as living with her in LA – was also one of the founders of the firm.

But they became embroiled in scandal after the British WAG of ex-Premier League ace Nasri accused Jamila of providing a “full s* xual service” to the player following a session.

Model Anara Atanes, 28, from Brighton, claimed he had romped with the girl after she gave him an IV drip in a LA hotel room.

                                Samir Nasri with one of the Drip Doctors sisters

The brain-box Sozahdah sisters – who also include a nurse, a software engineer and a phlebotomist – would not speak when approached by The Sun.

A source said: “The girls are all very pretty and know how to flaunt their look on social media.

“But they are intelligent, fiercely protective of each other and not afraid to bite back if compared to the Kardashian sisters.”

The ten-strong Egyptian-American clan – who dub themselves the “wolfpack” – pose together in scores of racy social media pictures.

They routinely number themselves #1 to #10 in the saucy snaps in order of birth.

Five of the girls – Jamila, registered nurse Siddiqa, software engineer Nooreya, phlebotomist Hamida and model Shakur – set up Drip Doctors in August 2015.

They set up a bash at the Club Nokia VIP lounge, in LA, to launch the business as well their “Sozahdah sisters” brand.

Around the same time, the five sisters posed semi-naked in body paint and in underwear together on social media.

One user, underneath a picture of the girls on Instagram, blasted: “Become something more serving to society, than a follow up khardashian [sic] clan.

“What happen to women becoming nurses, school teachers, principals to the youth.”

But Shakur hit back: “My sister Jamila is a physician, Siddiqa is a Registered Nurse, Nooreya is a software engineer and business marketing specialist, Hamida is a Phlebotomist.

“We are opening a medical spa at the end of this month.

“My other 5 sisters all have multiple masters degrees! Do your research genius before u open that mouth of yours. You won’t find a group of sisters that are as educated as us!!”
Jamila is a certified “physician assistant” in the US, specialising in IV vitamin therapy and cosmetic enhancements.

The row with Nasri exploded into the open after a series of bizarre tweets from his own account claimed he had bedded the woman from Drip Doctors in his LA hotel room.

He was on a trip to the US during the winter season break with his club Sevilla.

Jamila put up a picture of herself with Nasri.

After the tweets Nasri claimed his account had been hacked by Anara “as she thinks I am cheating on her which I am not”.

Drip Doctors also denied the claims.

The firm, which give vitamin drips to the stars, said Jamila was not at work when approached by The Sun, and declined to comment further.

Jamila also declined to speak about the incident.

Her sister Shakur, speaking from her home in LA, said: “The family is not commenting.”

Nasri is understood to now be under investigation by world sports chiefs who ban IV infusions over 50ml unless there are medical grounds.


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