England midfielder Eric Dier has blasted Manchester United star Ander Herrera of elbowing him in the face during the 2-2 draw at Wembley on Tuesday, as reported by Talk Sport.

Making his international debut for Spain, Manchester United midfielder Ander Herrera was introduced as a substitute during the second half and inspired his team to an unlikely 2-2 draw but got on the wrong side with Eric Dier

Dier was not happy with the incident and stated that he will meet with Herrera soon.

“I don’t care if someone kicks me or something like that but I’ve made a pass and it was a long time afterwards…he’s elbowed me in the face and I just can’t see why.

For me, it’s just ridiculous,” the 22-year-old Spurs midfielder said.

“I don’t mind people kicking each other at times and stuff but that’s just dirty and not needed.”

He continued: “He’s saying he didn’t do it but I think it’s pretty clear. If you watch it, I think it’s pretty clear what he did and I can feel it on my cheek now.

So I know what he did, and I don’t like that kind of stuff.

“It’s okay. It’s just football. These things happen. But I don’t know why he did it, to be honest. That’s why I was angry.

“It was just strange and it’s not nice.”

The two will meet again next month when United take on Tottenham and after revealing Herrera did not apologise, Dier warned the 27-year-old: “I don’t need him to apologise. I’ll see him soon.”


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