Neymar has quashed rumours of him leaving Spain for Manchester United  as he signed a new five-year mega-deal at Barcelona.

The Brazil star has been chased by the Ligue 1 giants and Jose Mourinho’s side by has penned a new contract in Spain to cement his future in the MSN frontline with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.

The 24-year-old has a buyout clause in his contract of an incredible £200million – set to rise over the course of the five years up to around £220m.

While those figures are impressive enough, they still fall some way short of matching Messi, with the mercurial Argentine set to earn €42m in each of the next two seasons – the four-year, €32m-a-season deal he penned in 2014 having been broken up slightly to become top heavy in the final two years.

Nou Camp bosses and the Samba Star have been locked in negotiations since June and have finally shook hands on a the new agreement.


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