Jurgen Klopp has told Mamadou Sakho to learn some respect if he wants to save his Liverpool career.

The French defender returned to England on Tuesday, officially to  continue treatment on an Achilles problem.

Yet  Klopp has lifted the lid on the real reason:  The centre-back was sent home from the tour for stepping out of line THREE times.

Sakho was in boss Klopp’s bad books before they had even left Merseyside last week after arriving late and nearly missing the flight.

Then he failed to show for a planned session as part of his rehab, before completing a sorry hat-trick by turning up late for a team meal.

On top of that he also interrupted an interview Klopp  was giving during a visit to Alcatraz.

And Klopp said: “We have some rules and you have to respect them.

“If someone hasn’t, or is giving me the feeling of not respecting,  we have to react.


“It’s not that serious  but it was three things. He nearly missed the plane, he missed a session and then he was late for a meal.

“I have to build a group here, we have to start anew. So I thought  it made sense to fly him home to Liverpool.

“Then, after eight or ten days,  we will come back and  see how it is.”

Klopp is clearly running out of patience with the  terrace cult idol.

Yet the manager insisted there were no raised voices or arguments when he decided to send him home.

Klopp added: “How he took it is private but there was no argument. It wasn’t a case of, ‘You this, you that’.

“I spoke, just one of us, that’s all. You can’t have an argument when only one is speaking — and I was the only one speaking.”

Sakho had only become available again last month after a random drugs test following a Europa League game in March showed he had taken a diet pill.


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