Arsenal are celebrating 15 years since club legend David Carlyle Rocastle died of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and his son Ryan Rocastle has described the former England midfielder as an ‘amazing’ personality on and off the pitch.

Rocastle scored 34 goals in 277 appearances during his 10 years at Arsenal before his demise on 31 March, 2001 aged 33.

Ryan told Arsenal’s official website in an interview: “Sometimes you look at the videos and think, ‘That’s my dad, he’s amazing’.

“I was born in 1991 so I don’t remember watching him play too much. I do remember us watching old videos of him playing actually. Quite often we would do that on Sundays.

“Sometimes you look at the videos and think, ‘That’s my dad, he’s amazing’. It was incredible to see some of the goals he scored.

“He was very skilful and learnt a lot just by playing in the park on Sundays. He was able to transform that into playing at international level. That was his passion and he managed to make it his career.

“He wasn’t just remembered for what he did on the pitch, the fans loved him because he always wanted to meet fans, sign autographs and speak with the supporters. People remember that as one of his biggest strengths.

“He was exactly how you would want your dad to be. He was very generous, funny, someone you could learn from and talk to easily. He was what you saw on camera and exactly like that off the field.”


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