Cristiano Ronaldo concedes La Liga title chase is over for Real Madrid this season after Saturday’s 1-0 home loss to city rivals Atletico Madrid.

Antoine Griezmann’s goal was all Diego Simeone’s side needed to pocket all three points at the Santiago Bernabeu in the Madrid derby to stay second five points from leaders Barcelona while the defeat leaves Madrid in third place, nine points behind the Blaugrana.

However, Ronaldo felt Zinedine Zidane’s side would have been in Barcelona’s position on the league table if everyone on his team was playing at ‘his level’.

“If everyone else was playing at my level maybe we would be top of the table,” he told reporters after he was accused of not playing to the gallery.

“We had more chances than them but it was not to be,’ he added of the derby loss that has left Real Madrid with almost no chance of winning the league.

“The league is now very difficult but we still have the Champions League to play for.

“We are without [Karim] Benzema,[Gareth] Bale, Marcelo and Pepe. We have a lot of injuries and it is difficult under those circumstances.

“I don’t know if it is because of bad preparation at the start of the season, or why.

“I don’t want to talk badly about my team-mates but I would rather play with Gareth, and with Karim, and with Marcelo and it is not the same when they are not there.

“The league is now all but impossible. We have to go for the Champions League.”


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