The things we love about the wonderful game of Football is the amazing talent within the game, The Skills, the amazing plays, set pieces and more, But the one thing we can’t get enough of is a good signature move. Whether it be Ronaldo‘s famous stance before he takes a free kick, or Messi’s signature dribble past defenders or Zlatan‘s freaky way of scoring, we just love to see it, So we decided to run down the Top 10 Best Signature Moves In Football.


10. Hugo Almeida – Known for the Driven Shot


Portuguese striker Hugo Almeida kicks off this list with his signature move the ‘Driven Shot‘. Although he is not the only player to have pulled off this technique, however, he mastered it that much he owned it in the end. He has quite frequently scored goals using this move. Hugo Almeida is famously known for scoring scorcher of a goal during at Porto against Inter Milan way out from 35 yards during the 2005-06 Champions league .


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