Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger believes his London rivals Chelsea and Tottenham will struggle when they move to temporary stadiums in the coming months.

Wembley has been suggested as a possible temporary home for both clubs.

But the fact that Arsenal did not perform well when they switched Highbury for the national stadium for Champions League games during the late 1990s, before the Emirates Stadium was built is a concern for Wenger who has now warned the potential movers.

Now, the Blues may have to play their games away from Stamford Bridge if their proposals to redevelop the ground come to fruition, while Spurs will need to relocate from White Hart Lane when it is rebuilt as well.

Wenger, who has spent 19 years in the English Premier League, feels both teams won’t find the transposition of habitat easy as the Frenchman felt ‘handicapped’ during his time away from the Gunners home ground.

“When you move into a new stadium, you have to feel at home,” Wenger told Arsenal’s official website.

“You have to feel that it is the right place for you. That is only created by the history that you build slowly through the games.

“I still think it’s a little bit of a disadvantage, even for the fans, they do not feel completely at home, and that can transmit to the players.

“That was a big problem for us. In hindsight it was maybe a mistake to move to Wembley, but we had no real choice as UEFA did not accept us holding the games at Highbury.

“Looking back today, I say it was a handicap for us.

“The players were comfortable at Highbury and the teams that visited us weren’t comfortable. Suddenly it was like we were playing games on a neutral ground, basically.”


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