When watching Premier League matches, we get so passionate to the extent that when referees blow against the team we support, we get angry and label the referee a fan of that particular club.
No need to get angry anymore. Allsoccerplanet has decided to reveal the clubs of the top 5 EPL referees.

5. Micheal Oliver


Favorite Club- Newcastle United

Stats from the last three seasons
Games he officiated in Yellow Cards Red Cards Average Yellows/Game Average Reds/Game
77 248 8 3.2 0.10

Currently 30 years old, Michael had a sweet journey as a referee. He started being a referee when he was as young as just 14 years old when he would be the referee in the school and club matches. He made his official debut in the premier league when he was only 25years and 182days to be precise and that made him the youngest ever referee to officiate in a premier league match. One instance which showed his favoritism was when he did not fine Diego Costa of Chelsea when he purposely stamped Martin skrtel and Emre Can of Liverpool.


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