Brazil legend Pele has hit out at Barcelona duo Neymar and Lionel Messi in a sensational interview with sports magazine Placar.

Pele criticised his fellow Brazilian superstar Neymar, saying the Barcelona man does not score enough headers, track back or organise his team-mates, vehemently stating that his former team-mate at Santos Vasconcelos is ’10 times’ better than him.

Pele, 75, who scored 77 goals for Brazil in 91 goals also hit out at four-time
Ballon d’Or winner Messi for being ‘lucky’ for not having stiff competitors to knock him off his perch though he hailed the Argentine forward as a ‘superior player’.

But Pele was critical of his monotonous style of play where he uses only left leg and does not use his head like his biggest competitor Cristiano Ronaldo does.

Neymar is a good player,” Pele said of the 23-year-old Barca forward who has netted 46 goals in 67 matches for Brazil.

“But how many goals has he scored with his head in his life?

“He is an excellent player, but Vasconcelos, my team-mate at Santos, was 10 times better than Neymar, without any doubt.’

“Neymar is an attacker, he plays up front, that is it. He does not track back, does not organise and does not come out to play.

“It’s difficult to compare him with so many players of the past when he has such weaknesses. Although, within the current Brazil team, he is the main figure, the only one.

“Messi, as I have always said over the last 10 years, is one of the players I consider superior.

“But he doesn’t use his head. He predominantly uses his left foot and is not ambidextrous. Today he is the best.

“Messi has the same style as Maradona, the same kind of game. He is lucky because there is no one to compare him.”


  1. This Guy Is Talking Absolute Nonsense. Ronaldo And Messi have different playing styles and Barcelona don’t play according to set piece like Real Madrid. Pele is A Legend But He Is Talking Absolute Bull.


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