Acrimonious reception greeted Tottenham supporters in Belgium on Wednesday night ahead of Thursday’s Europa League tie against Anderlecht after about 50 travelling fans were attacked by a mob believed to be home fans.

Fans of the English club were reportedly drinking at pub when it was stormed and eye-witnesses claimed between 50 and 100 Anderlecht supporters attacked the group, apparently without provocation, before at least one ambulance arrived at the scene.

Brussels police who are still investigating the melee confirmed Anderlecht fans were responsible for instigating violence and pictures posted on Twitter show tables and chairs broken and strewn across the floor outside the bar.

One Spurs fan, who had a head injury though did not want to disclose his identity, said: “Spurs fans had been drinking in the bar all night. There had been no trouble at all. We were just having a drink and watching the football on the TV.

“Then suddenly it just all kicked off. It was carnage.

“We tried to stop the Anderlecht fans from getting into the pub to attack but there was just too many of them.

“They were kicking and punching people and throwing bricks and bottles it was awful.

“I got hit on the head but thankfully it’s nothing too serious. There were several Spurs fans hurt a lot worse than me.

“The Anderlecht supporters were a disgrace. It was clearly a premeditated attack.

“Just before it happened one bloke noticed a few locals gathering across the square and talking on mobile phones.

“The Spurs fans attacked in the bar were not hooligans, they were just normal blokes enjoying a night out ahead of the football.”


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