Ahead of Arsenal vs Bayern Munich Champions League clash at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday night, Bavarians manager Pep Guardiola is in a bullish mood.

Guardiola said at Monday’s pre-match press conference that Arsenal’s utmost desire to win puts his side in the favourite position to win.

Arsenal have lost two of their opening Group F games against Olympiakos and Dinamo Zagreb which leaves them bottom of group F as they face back to back ties against the Bundesliga champions.

Guardiola said at the Emirates Stadium on Monday night: “For them, they have an advantage because they have to win, when that happens with these kind of players, and the history of this club, they are going to make the best performance possible.

“I don’t expect anything other than a fight for the 90 minutes. We have to look for another way to compete against them because of the enthusiasm they will have, so we will have to be intelligent and control our game.

“Of course I prefer to come here with six points, but I can imagine my team with zero points and playing in Germany against Arsenal.

“I can imagine the mentality of my team, we would be an animal, because it is of last chance, you give everything and that will happen with Arsenal so you have to be prepared.

“We saw what happened with Arsenal against Zagreb and Olympiakos, when no-one expected them (opponents) to win, and it will be the same for us tomorrow.”



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