Arsenal star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has spoken highly of his father Mark Chamberlain whom he has credited for always keeping him ‘focused’ during his embryonic days in football and at perilous times in his professional career.

His dad Mark was also a pro footballer who orchestrated his metamorphosis from his youthful days at Southampton up until he signed for Arsenal.

“Growing up, it was frustrating not being able to do ‘nothing’ things that my friends did, going to the odd party here or there,” the 22-year-old England midfielder told The Express.

“But my Dad always set the record straight. If I wanted to make it, I couldn’t do those things at that time. When the time is appropriate, I would be allowed to. But then I had to stay focused.

“I was always good, to be fair. My mum and dad were never too controlling, but I always really respect their advice and still do. Especially my dad – I always trust his advice.

“He never ‘demands’ I do something but he would be very unhappy if I didn’t. So I have always listened.”


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