It has been revealed English Premier League boss Gordon Taylor is the highest paid in the world annual salary package of £3.4million and his debt currently approaching £100,000 as a result of gambling.

Taylor, 70, has run the PFA for almost 34 years.

Latest revelation on Gordon’s extravagant spending as PFA chief executive officer has resurfaced and club owners are meeting this year to discuss where their contracted percentage of the £5bn giant TV monies will be spent.

The controversy now is, the PFA can afford to pay their CEO so much money on the back of their guaranteed cash flow from the Premier League’s TV rights deals, yet even the richest of Premier League players only have to pay a joining fee of £20 and £150 annual subscription.

Surely the PFA should be self-funding through a sliding scale of contributions from players, who even in the second tier Championship are earning £1m a year.

Taylor is regarded as a powerful politician in England and world football as a whole.

He does his own PR rather than have a proper communications department and has long surrounded himself with megalomaniac men who allow him to run what amounts to a private fiefdom at a time when other football bodies face scrutiny over their governance.

If Taylor will be probed just like Sepp Blatter and Jack Warner at FIFA is left to be seen.


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