Re-elected FIFA president Sepp Blatter has resigned amidst bribery and corruption scandals hovering around the world football governing body.

In an official announcement on Tuesday at the FIFA Headquarters in Zurich, Blatter revealed that he is walking away after 17 years as the number one dictator in the powerhouse of global football.

“I have thoroughly considered and thought about my presidency and the last 40 years in my life. These years were closely related to FIFA and the wonderful sport of football I appreciate and love FIFA more than anything else.

“I only want to do the best for FIFA and my institution. I decided to stand again as the best option for football. The elections are closed but the challenges we face haven’t come to and end. Fifa needs restructuring. Although fifa have given me a new mandate, it doesn’t seem to be supported by everyone fans, clubs.

“This is why we will cause a process, it will be held to. I will continue to exercise my function as president at FIFA until next time. The new elections will be held until in Mexico.

“I will not stand of course and I am free from the constraints of an election. I will be free to focus on an election.

“The executive committee that representatives of course. We need a structural change of profile change. We need to look at the profiles and attitude of all the members. We need limitations on mandate in terms of office presidency for the president.

“I am very much linked to FIFA and its interests which are very different dear to me. I repeat what counts most to me is the institution FIFA and football around the well. Thank you very much for your kind attention.”

It comes on the day FIFA was plunged into fresh turmoil after an explosive letter appeared to contradict its claims that Sepp Blatter’s former right-hand man Jack Warner and Chuck Blazer in return for them voting in return for them voting for the 2010 World Cupwas not involved in the payment of an alleged $10million bribe.

Jack Warner and Chuck Blazer in return for them voting in return for them voting for the 2010 World Cup.

The payment is at the heart of an FBI probe.


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