The rumble on the boring jibe directed towards Arsenal by Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho continues and this time Arsene Wenger has added his voice in a more polemic manner.

In response to Arsenal fans chanting: ‘Boring, boring Chelsea’, during last weekend’s 0-0 draw, Mourinho claimed not winning the Premier League title for 11 years was even more soul ripping.

But Wenger has suggested Mourinho must be suffering from ‘internal problems’ and the Portuguese showed disrespect in his comments.

“You can have incidents with other managers sometimes,” Wenger said.

“It gets a bit heated when you fight directly with them, but in the end I believe time heals and the important thing is to respect each other as much as you can.

“The biggest thing for a manager is to respect other managers. Some people have to improve on that.

“Look, everybody lives with his own internal problems and I live with mine. That’s enough.”


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