Real Madrid mega star Cristiano Ronaldo has been incorporated into the curriculum of the Sociology department at the University of British Columbia Okanagan Canada as a four year course.

Ronaldo will be treated as a subject focusing on the cultural importance of his fame, ranging from his metamorphosis at Sporting Lisbon, followed by his career refining six-year stint at Manchester United, before moving to the Santiago Bernabeu, as well as how his life affects the society, especially youths.

Confirming the story, Professor of Sociology Luis Aguiar of the Canadian University maintains that the Portugal forward, who won his third career FIFA Ballon d’Or this year, will be heavily discussed in the classroom with students, though the course won’t be based around his step overs or his trademark powerful free kicks.

“Ronaldo is the centre and every discussion, class meeting revolves around Ronaldo initially. And then we explore, we broaden out to larger themes,” Professor Aguiar said.

“So it starts with Ronaldo but Ronaldo is almost like a springboard to talk about larger issues that are much more sociologically significant than just a biography of Ronaldo.”

Meanwhile, Ronaldo, who celebrated his 30th birthday on Thursday, February 5 is not aware of the development yet, but Aguiar has offered him an open invitation to talk to future classes, possibly via social media app Skype.

“I don’t know if Ronaldo knows about the course,” Aguiar added.

“I haven’t heard from Ronaldo, I haven’t heard from his entourage,’ he adds. I would love to hear from either one, and I would love to have Ronaldo maybe Skyping into the class.”


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