Lionel Messi has openly denied reports that he is trying to get manager Luis Enrique sacked.

Messi said in an interview with the club channel after Barcelona’s 3-1 win over Atletico Madrid on Sunday night.

Messi addressed rumours about rifts head-on. As well as denying the Enrique rumour, he also recalls previous ‘lies’ spread about him and dismisses his reputation as some sort of tyrant behind the scenes.

He said: “I came to give my version of events. I heard so many things. I never go to deny anything because often they say I had a bad relationship with Guardiola, Eto’o, Ibra, Bojan; that I had thrown a lot of people out.”

“That’s not true. I never asked to throw out our coach Juanjo, no matter what the media said. That’s not true, I would never do that.”

“It hurts because the stories came out of here, from Barcelona. It does not come from Madrid and other times they attacked us. Some people want to harm the club and now more than ever it is important that we come together.”

“I heard a lot about me before and now. They try to say I run the club. I am just a player in the squad like all my team-mates. I do not make decisions or ask you to take them. I do not demand anything to stay because I had no intention of going anywhere either.

“I heard rumours that my father had spoken with Chelsea or City; all lies. I take this opportunity to deny these rumours so that all people know the truth.”


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