Theo Zwanziger, member of the executive committee of world football’s governing body FIFA, has made assurances that the 2022 World Cup might not take place in Qatar.

Zwanziger said “I think that at the end of the day the 2022 World Cup will not take place in Qatar.”

The former head of the German Football Association put the reasoning down to the extreme temperatures in the Gulf state.

Zwanziger: “Doctors say, and I had insisted on this point in the protocol, that they cannot guarantee that a World Cup can be held in summer in these conditions. The World Cup involves not only stadiums.”

He added: “There are fans coming from the four corners of the world who will be concerned by the heat. The first incident putting a life in danger will be subject to an investigation. And that, nobody in the FIFA Executive Committee would want to reply to.”

A FIFA spokesman has already shot down Zwanziger’s comments, saying: “As Mr Zwanziger himself says, it’s his personal opinion.”

The Qatar 2022 now seems to be the most controversial World Cup of all-time. If it goes elsewhere, USA and Australia are apparently the early favourites.


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