Disappointed Brazil captain Thiago Silva says he’s been finding it hard to sleep since his team’s embarrassing 7-1 loss to Germany in the Semi-final of the FIFA World Cup.

Silva wasn’t part of the team that played against Germany due to suspension on two yellow cards.

As his side prepare to face the Netherlands in the third-place play-off on Saturday, the Paris Saint-Germain defender said he had struggled to sleep since the Germany loss.

He said the defeat would only make Brazil stronger.

“The frustration is immense. I spent some nights with insomnia, thinking about this World Cup, on this possible final match and this won’t happen anymore,” Thiago Silva told a news conference.

“But, I always had motivation to play football. I think when we love what we do, and it doesn’t matter the situation we have to learn with our mistakes.

“Our errors during the last game will make us stronger.”


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