Liverpool captain, Stephen Gerrard has taken a swipe at Arsenal, in relation to the intention of Suarez moving to the Emirates last summer.

Arsenal tried to sign Luis Suarez from Liverpool last summer, with the rare bid of 40 million and 1 pound and this still makes the Liverpool team angry at the North London club.

Nevertheless, Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has taken a swipe at Arsenal with Suarez gone to Barcelona.

Gerrard says: “I would have been really sad and disappointed to see Luis go to Arsenal. With all due respect to them, I said to him that he was too good for Arsenal. I said if you score 30 goals for us and win the PFA Player of the Year, the press Player of the Year – I knew he was going to win them – I told him Real or Barcelona will come for you. I think he got the wrong advice last year from people around him, from people saying he needed to play in the Champions League and it did not matter who it was for.”

The Liverpool captain also suggests that had Suarez stayed this summer, Liverpool would be title favourites: “I believe if we had Luis Suárez we’d be favourites. I’m disappointed to see him leave now but I am happy for him that’s he has got what he wants and deserves. Since day one he has been phenomenal in training every day and in the games.”

Ironically, having brought in Alexis Sanchez, its shows Arsenal are more likely to win the Premier League this season than Liverpool…


  1. It took 2 full seasons for Suarez to realize that he was too good for Liverpool. Now he is gone! Gerard, you had the perfect opportunity to win the title for Liverpool last year and you blew it in their face! Get used to it for all your life!!!!


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