BBC Football pundit Robbie Savage has named three coaches who he believes will stop Arsenal from going backwards.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has taken a hammering in the media over the last few weeks after consecutive losses and their Champions League exit , and Robbie Savage has piled on yet more misery for the Frenchman.

It has been a strange year for the Gunners, and one where for much of the season they looked like genuine title-challengers. Topping the premier league table for over three months.

Injuries to key players in January haltered things momentarily, but a failure to improve the squad in the January transfer window and a dreadful run in February and March has left a certain number of Arsenal fans calling for Wenger’s head.

In his Mirror column, Robbie Savage has been critical of Arsenal’s play over the last six weeks, and believes a failure to win the FA Cup and claim a Champions League spot for next season should be followed by Wenger walking away.

The proposition of Arsenal without their current boss could result in a free-fall similar to that of Manchester United. However, Savage believes Arsene Wenger’s side are already on the decline, and has named three managers who could help them return to the top.

“Wenger will be a hard act to follow after 18 years in charge. But don’t tell me there are no decent coaches out there with the potential to take Arsenal forward into a brave new era.”

“Juventus coach Antonio Conte, Atletico Madrid’s Diego Simeone, perhaps even Everton’s Roberto Martinez… all of them preach progressive football, whereas Wenger’s team appears to be going backwards.”

Who would be best suited to replace Arsene Wenger at Arsenal?


  1. i wish arsene wenger should leave emirate stadium because arsenal fans all over the universe we’re suffering of silverware since 2004 why arsene wenger is a shame 4 us many fans are moak up.we can even say in arsene wenger we trust at al my suggestion is that we nid diego simeone plz plz let wenger go effort is a effort

  2. its high time for Wenger to vacate we have been patient enough, why should you lead for that duration and let every thing out of the hands at the last moment we wand cudioler to take over arsenal

  3. a coach. The guy just send the players out there to play beautiful football and that is the end of it. He does nt have plan as to how to win a game. Im sorry but he not a coach...CEO of Arsenal FBC, Director of Finance, anything but not a coach. It about

    Arsenal FBC has benen needing a coach for a long time. The guy just sends the players out there to play beautiful football and that is the end of it. He does nt have plans as to how to win a game. Im sorry but he is not a coach…CEO of Arsenal FBC, Director of Finance, anything but a coach. It about time Arsenal FBC got a coach befitting of the club of such a huge reputation


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