After a memorable comeback win over Paris Saint-Germain on Tuesday night at Stanford Bridge to seal 2013/14 Champions League semi-final berth with a 3-3 aggregate score, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho hailed his players performance for playing with “their hearts” and claimed its in his team’s nature to “always believe”.

On a night of high drama in west London, Chelsea needed a last-gasp Demba Ba goal to qualify on away-
goals which they eventually achieved courtesy of a 2-0 win over French club PSG, and Mourinho has credited himself for the masterminding plan and gave colossal accolades to his players for an impeccable execution.

Mourinho further lauded his midfield for playing “like animals”, while also as usual, threw some jibes at Laurent Blanc’s PSG side for failing to attack as promised, but rather chose to play a “counter-attacking” football.

“You always believe, it is part of our nature,” Mourinho told Sky Sports.

“The same way we concede a goal in
Paris that nobody was expecting, the third goal why not we score.

“We risked everything with Demba [Ba], Nando [Torres] and [Samuel] Eto’o all playing together, trying to put
the ball direct because our midfield was really tired and broken.

“Also we know Paris is not adapted to this kind of football because in France they are completely dominating. The style of French football has nothing to
do with this kind of [long ball] approach.

“Yesterday, we trained for this. The players knew if we had to make this last change, they knew what to do.

“We had the bit of luck that we need and Demba made a goal that means so much to all of us.

“We did enough to score before this second goal, but PSG were a contradiction of what they said they would do. They said they would attack, but they played pure counter attack.

“In the end, we deserve to go through.
The team that does not deserve to go through, the team that played with the heart is through.”

Mourinho went on to reveal his dramatic 100 metres acceleration down the touchline after Ba’s late goal was not to celebrate with his players, as he had an alternative agenda.

“I wanted to tell Fernando and Demba the changes we had to do,” he said.

“We still had three minutes plus extra time and to do that with the way we were playing was too risky.

“I want Demba to play in front of the defenders because I know Alex is going there for the long balls and I wanted Nando to defend against Maxwell and he will come forward from left back. They knew what to do.”


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