You can accuse him of being a fanatic but he has the bragging right to be affiliated with a club he has supported since the late 70’s, after the 38-year-old Bulgarian Manchester United fan finally secured a breakthrough winning a 15-year legal battle to change is birth name from Marin Zdravkov to Mr Manchester United in honour of his “sacred” football club.

However, he’s not finished there as he is still carrying on the fight to get ‘Zdravkov Levidzhov’ from the name, which he was first inspired to change after watching United’s incredible turnaround to win the 1999 Champions league final against Bayern Munich.

He has supported United since the 1970s, when he watched illegal TV streams during the Communist era.

The name-change is a victory as before he was only allowed to change his name to ‘Manchester’ due to fears over copyright.

He told the Manchester Evening News:
“That is ridiculous, I don’t want to be just a namesake of an English city.

“Some friends are even making fun of me, by asking ‘OK, now that you are already officially known as Manchester, is your surname actually City or United?

“Furthermore, I would never misuse the name of my sacred football club for commercial purposes. I swear to God.”


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