Porto Alegre city in southern Brazil might drop out of cities earmarked to host the 2014 World Cup, which kicks off on June 12 in Rio after the outside of Biera stadium, which was scheduled to host five matches, including fixtures with France, Holland and Argentina, is still unfinished, according to mayor Jose Fortunati.

Fortunati further laments the unavailability of alternatives stressing that there is “no plan B, C or Z”, and he has warned that if key legislation is not approved this week, his city will opt out.

The mayor told a local Radio Gaucha that extra funding is required, adding that a bill creating tax breaks for companies investing in temporary structures for the tournament must be voted on Tuesday.

“If the project is not voted, we won’t have the World Cup in Porto Alegre. There’s no Plan B, nor C nor Z,”
he warned.”

With the tournament due to start in three months, some cities are behind schedule, with Porto Alegre’s Beira Rio stadium is nearly ready, but it still needs temporary structures to house the media, sponsors and other requirements by FIFA.


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