After Chelsea had consigned Arsenal to a 6-0 humiliation at Stanford Bridge on Saturday in the Barclays Premier League, boss Jose Mourinho claimed that his side killed off the game in ten amazing minutes, stressing that “we came to kill and in ten minutes, we destroyed”.

A game that was supposed to be Arsene Wenger’s memorial 1000th match in charge of the Gunners, turned sour after the Blues put four goals past his men in about 17 minutes.

The Portuguese tactician maintained that his side made Arsenal “uncomfortable” and “too strong” for them to handle after just seven minutes, when Samuel Eto’o and Andre Schurrle put Chelsea 2-0 ahead.

“Ten amazing minutes,” said Mourinho in his post-match press conference.

“We came to kill and in ten
minutes, we destroyed.”

Earlier, speaking to BT Sport, Mourinho said: “I think we start in an incredible way, in seven minutes [it was] 2-0 and the game is over. I think we started
very, very strong. I think the message was to make Arsenal feel uncomfortable, we tried to press
immediately and recover and be fast.

“Two-nil after seven minutes and the game is over because we are too strong for them.

“Then comes the penalty and the red card – even worse for them – but I think the game is resolved in 10 minutes.”


  1. Mourinho enjoys boasting. Granted he is an excellent football manager with world class players. He is no fool; he won’t manager team with limited fund. He can play his B team and still will have all the world class players at his disposal. Arsenal sent out the B team because of injuries to some players. The score is the result between world class and ordinary class. Switch the managers around and the score remains the same. Money can make a difference. Managers can capitalize on it. Arsene may be stubborn but no need to knock him down Mourinho.


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