After hibernating in the vitreous abode for 68 years, the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), has finally decided to vacate their Abuja glass-house office, an exercise planed in three phases – starting in April to June, 2014.

The Federation will be moving to its permanent site. The new complex is located beside the FIFA Technical Centre and football turf, inside the package B of the Abuja National Stadium and was inaugurated on February 21 by President Goodluck Jonathan.

Musa Amadu, the General Secretary of the NFF, made this public during the unveiling of the new jerseys for the Super Eagles.

“It is high time we moved into this place. We have had some delays because of paucity of funds to be able to furnish the place very well but we are determined and decided that we
must move to this place before the World Cup,” Amadu said.

“The movement will be in three phases, the first phase will be in April, the second phase will be in the month of May and then the third and final phase will be in June before the
World Cup and by then we will be fully
operating from the Sunday Dankaro Football House.”


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