The monumental picture above profiles a brilliant footballing group piece of the 1993/94 school football team at the Gesamtschule Berger Feld school in Germany, which is situated directly behind and literally a matter of metres away from Schalke’s stadium in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

The photo features two future German internationals in the guises of Mesut Ozil (bottom row, second left) and Manuel Neuer (bottom row, first left). And the pair came head to head last night in the UEFA champions league round of 16 first-leg at the Emirates stadium, between Arsenal and Bayern Munich, a game the former lost 2-0.

There is a line of thought being peddled today that Neuer was able to swat away Ozil’s penalty at the on Wednesday night with such ease as the pair of childhood friends know each other inside out, having grown up and even gone to school together in Gelsenkirchen as boys.

Anyway, that’s nothing more than a piece of footballing miscellanea, and there’s a young Torsten Frings, third from the left on the back row in the stellar line-up.


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