Ahead of the colossal Monday night Premier League clash between Arsenal and Chelsea, Arsene Wenger has cleared the air about his infamous feud with Jose Mourinho in the past, saying it wasn’t a personal battle but rather a tussle bored out of competition, where respective coaches “fight for their teams”.

Wenger has previously had a vitriol and complicated relationship with the former Real Madrid boss, with the climax coming in 2005, when Mourinho notoriously tagged him as a voyeur, but Wenger said it’s nothing personal.

Wenger said: “Look, it’s not a personal battle,” he said. Honestly, we had some big games in the past, but what is important for me is that I am completely focused on Arsenal Football Club and on my team and doing well in the team.

“Whether we play Monday night against Chelsea or anybody else, for me it’s exactly the same, because what is at stake for us is to get back to winning habits, whether it’s Chelsea or anyone else.

“We spent time [together] at Geneva at the managers’ meeting. Once you are in competition it is different. Once you are out of competition, everybody is different. Here is competition time so
everybody fights for his team and his club.”


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