Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has launched another verbal swing at Arsenal after a pulsating Barclays Premier League goalless draw between both sides at the Emirates stadium on Monday night, saying “boring are a team who play at home and cannot score a goal”.

Mourinho said: “Boring are a team who play at home and cannot score a goal.

“You fill your stadium, in weather like we had on Monday, to see victories.

If any team were boring, they were boring because Petr Cech made zero saves.”

Mourinho was delighted with his team’s performance against Arsene Wenger’s side.

“It is not a coincidence that before this game we had time to work,’ said the Chelsea boss. “That is something we didn’t have since the summer.

“I had three days to work tactically and I worked on everything I wanted to: defensive set pieces, attacking set pieces, defensive organisation,
transitions, counter attack.

“It was a special week for us. It was the kind of week Liverpool have every week.”


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