Real Madrid pacey and versatile attacker Cristiano Ronaldo became the most expensive footballer in history following his 2009 move from Manchester United to Real Madrid in a transfer fee worth €94 million, a record that was broken in August 2013 by Gareth Bale, who joined Real Madrid for £85 million.

But that is not my purview of discussion prestissimo.

The 28-year-old Portugal captain is routinely superstitious about some of his footballing modus operandi on and off the pitch.

A microscopic ethological study has elicited the following Ronaldo-like tenets:

*On the bus Cristiano is sitting alone in the back row and he is the last one who leaves the bus

*On the plane he sits always with Pepe and he is the first who leaves the plane

* In the locker room at the halftime he must change his hairstyle

* He must touch the ball before leaving the dressing room

* In the Portugal national team he is the only Portuguese who is allowed to start off with a long-sleeve jersey

*Ronaldo has been donning long sleeved jersey since his days at Sporting Lisbon, then to Manchester United and now at Real Madrid

*He steps on the pitch always first onto the right foot

* When he scores the goal, first he is waving to his family


Ronaldo against Israel during World Cup qualifiers

Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo’s obsessional preference for long sleeved jersey has triggered my curiosity to ponder and obviously wonder what his possible reason(s) could be.

The magnificent Real Madrid winger has been donning longsleeve jerseys
Since his youthful days at Sporting Lisbon in Portugal, followed by his 6-year stint at Manchester United where he was crowned world best player and now at Real Madrid….his thirst for long sleeve jerseys seems unquenchable.

In an online survey conducted to gather demographic historiography about the Portuguese winger’s predilection for a long sleeve jersey, several heterogeneous opinions were gathered:

~’So that he will not hurt his arm when he dive.’

~’coz he’s just too hot to be in that cold climate’….

~’His wrists are very thin and thatis why he wears long sleeve jersey so that he can hide his thin hand’.

~’he doesn’t always where long sleeve but most of the time. I guess its because they look cool’.

~’Because he’s from the South’

~ To help against turf burns and to help against the elements. Sometimes even to help with ball control.

Also, [Maria], a female soccer enthusiast from the UK said: ‘Football players during the match wear long sleeves, take English team for example – half of them wear shirts with long sleeves (even if its really hot!)

As hilarious or sane those responses above might seem, there’s a likelihood of an iota of verity embedded in them.

Ronaldo is not the only World football superstar who loves to don long sleeve jersey, the likes of David Beckham [retired], Lionel Messi [Barcelona], Wayne Rooney, Ashley Young, Luis Nani [Manchester United], Ricardo Kaka, Mario Balotelli and Robinho [ AC Milan], Daniel Sturridge [Liverpool], the list goes on and on…..

Moreover, the Madrid striker, Ronaldo is globally recognised for his fashionista persona, as he loves to brandish his swagger in an intimidating manner….creating an ambience for orgasmic innuendo making the ladies beg for more.

Allsoccerplanet profiles Real Madrid’s 2013/14 longsleeve home kit which is white with grey adidas stripes and orange details and enunciates some intricacies that makes it a jewel for Cristiano Ronaldo.

The collar of the new Madrid kit is orange / white / black as well as the sleeve cuffs. The sponsor logo Fly Emirates is black, and on the front of the shirt are small lighter white horizontal pinstripes.

The Madrid kit was officially presented on May 30 together with the presentation of Fly Emirates as new kit sponsor.

On the back of the Real home kit
features the lettering, Real Madrid under the collar.

The white is clean, powerful, and bold. Dark navy accents are found on the neck and sleeves, while the iconic three adidas stripes go down the shoulders. Light blue trim around the sleeves and v-neck collar are an additional touch new to the 2013 offering.

The Real Madrid crest on the chest, La Liga patch, and the badge celebrating 110 years of Los Blancos football are all proudly on display as well.

The long sleeves will keep you warm, while adidas ClimaCool technology ensures you stay dry and comfortable all match long.

The ClimaCool material has come a long way since its inception a few years back and you know how a shirt that both keeps you cool and warm simultaneously feels.

David Beckham once revealed he plays in long-sleeved shirts because in some
countries, tattoos are considered offensive and he wishes to respect that. He also added that he does not want his tattoos distracting from his team jersey and sponsors.

So, deductively, I can sum all suggestions and juxtapositions on footballers’ predilection for long sleeve jersey, most especially the enigmatic lothario, Cristiano Ronaldo indulgence on weather, comfort, culture, self-aggrandizement, endorsement and perhaps swagg.

What do u guys feel?



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